The age of consumerism has reached India with changes in shopping behavior due to seasonal trends and higher disposable incomes. The life cycles of products has been significantly reduced as people are no longer waiting until the product has broken down before they will purchase a replacement. This has led to a market for used goods that are still in a good condition as many people will consider purchasing these goods when it is impractical to buy a new product.

These goods can be bought and sold using classified websites. Online classifieds sites such as OLX allow buyers and sellers to connect with each other and allow these goods to be sold. The actual transaction will be arranged to suit both the buyer and the seller at a time and location to suit them after they have used the classifieds site to find a product. This can lead to the buyer finding a better deal when purchasing a product as they will be cutting out the middleman and buying directly from the seller. There are many different types of products that can be bought and sold using a classified sites including household goods, furniture, electronics, computers and mobiles. Classified sites can allow buyers to find sellers in their city or locality. A full description of the product can help buyers find exactly what they are looking for.

In the past year the way that the internet is accessed in India has undergone a change with more people accessing the internet through their mobile device. Mobile data is very cheap in India and there are many smartphones in use that are taking advantage of this cheap data. India is one of the only countries in the world that has more access to the internet through mobiles than computers and this first occurred in May 2012. Currently 51% of internet access in India occurs through mobiles with 49% through a PC. Those who are accessing the internet for the first time are more likely to do so using a mobile or tablet.

The amount of people that are expected to use the internet in India is likely to increase five times by 2015 and more than three quarters of these people will be using a mobile to access the internet. 300 million users are expected to access the internet in the next three years and more than half of these people will be using a mobile phone for this access. Classifieds Ads Sites such as OLX are responding to this by making it easier for both buyers and sellers to access their services using a mobile or tablet. Pictures can be uploaded to the site directly from the phone and there is even an option where a buyer can contact the seller directly from their phone by clicking on the contact number and making the call.

Mobile Classifieds Apps

Most citizens of India are new to using the internet and most people access the internet through mobile phones or tablets. Therefore any service that wants to succeed in India must make their service available through mobiles. Mobile apps in classifieds have already been introduced in India by OLX, who are considered to be pioneers in this service. In the last three years apps have been introduced for Symbian, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Android, iPad and iPhone. There is currently investment in mobile products and developing the first app for online classifieds. OLX have launched the html5 version of their site which improves the functionality of their existing site which is optimized for mobile phones. OLX have experienced a growth of 15 times more mobile traffic in just one year and 30% of all their traffic now comes through mobiles and tablets. OLX have given more power to individuals who are now able to buy and sell at any time, wherever they are. The app is very simple to use and even a novice internet user will be able to learn to use it quickly.

It should be remembered that mobile classifieds apps provides the user with an easy to use platform but this alone is not going to guarantee the success of the site. The app provides users with an easy way to access the site but if the site is not one that users will want to use then the app will not be a success. This is where OLX already has an advantage because it is the largest and most popular site that is currently used in India and has millions of visitors everyday.

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