Advertising a small business is necessary, if it is to grow. However, advertising can be very expensive and it may either not reach the right people or it may only reach a few of the right sort of people. Having a website is a good idea, but just having it does not necessarily mean that you will get visitors to the site or that your customers can find it on the web. E bay classifieds can help you and your business because it allows you to advertise your business’ products or services on a site that gets huge amounts of traffic all day and every day.

EBay classified advertisements

EBay classifieds works exactly like the classified advertisements in the newspaper. You simply place an advertisement describing your service or products, with a picture displaying what you have. This creates an excellent opportunity for you to reach a wide audience with your services or products, while you still also reach your target audience.

It is free to post an advertisement with eBay classified making it an even more attractive and very cost effective business prospect. The ability to leave your contact information on the site makes it easy for interested prospective customers to contact you. Your advertisement on eBay classifieds lasts for two months, eBay contacts you before the end of the two month period and you can re-list your advertisement free of charge.

You can personalize your advertisement and make it interesting and distinctive, so that it really grabs your customers’ attention. You can also add a link to your web site, a wonderful way to get visitors, already interested in your products or services to your web site.

Although there are so many advertisements on eBay classifieds, they are in categories, so you can choose the category, which makes it easy for those interested in your products or services to find you. The very best reason to use eBay classifieds is because it is a good free way to attract many visitors, who may be searching for you.

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  • David Unger  December 28, 2015 at 6:06 am

    Thanks for sharing this great post. Fees on eBay is varying depending on the item category and listing duration.


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