Craigslist is the most successful classifieds site to buy and sell things online. You can post things that you want to buy or sell as well as look into what others have posted to buy and sell. This site has pretty much always remained the same as far as the look of the site. For the site to have been pretty much the same for a long time it has had billions of visitors on the site which is not bad at all. Now Craigslist has updated in some areas by making some small changes. It is updating in small cities rather than larger ones. Some of the changes they have done are larger headers in the main selection menu and the removal of the boxes in the navigation bars. The best change they have done would be is on the sidebar to the right. By doing this it is easier and saves some time. Craigslist also uses a little JavaScript. This is located in the right sidebar. This allows you to toggle between cities and countries that are farther from you instead of the just the ones closest to you.

A testament that content is still king and whether a site remains simplistic or jazzes things up, web traffic will come and go with good content.

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What Content Marketing Can Learn From Craigslist

The founder of CraigslistCraig Newman, has an overwhelming number of lessons that the content marketing industry can learn a great deal from. However, it is also a fact that we cannot discount the end-all-be-all of online classifieds just because of simple website design. Below, is a highlight of 5 of these very powerful lessons.

1. Creative Posts Get More Attention

For anyone who’s ever searched Craigslist for an apartment, it is very clear that there are often some spammy-looking realtor listings that may have a couple of fuzzy stock pictures, and some even neglect or forget to include the physical address of the advertised location. There are also bound to be professionally-designed listings by the actual property owners who greatly care about their houses or apartments. Apart from being highly attractive and easy on the eyes, these listings often have plenty of pictures, relevant information that only the owner may be aware of, and some even go further to make creative suggestions as to how a potential client can use the various spaces that they are advertising.

Thirdly, you will also have your own wild-cards and these usually stands out amongst the rest through sense of humor, unique personality, and other pertinent details that may entice potential clients. This is really how you would like your content marketing efforts to appeal to your potential clients or customers, and you should give your audience creative content that stands out conspicuously from the ocean of dull information. In other words, you should focus on creating content that matters, and content that would inspire your potential clients to share with other people.

2. Know When Your Audience is Reading

Knowing when your audience is reading your content is another key factor that should never be avoided, and through research, Craigslist has found out that, they experience the most traffic for apartment hunters on Sundays than any other day of the week. It is therefore advisable that if you are posting your ad on Craigslist, doing so on Saturday night or early Sunday morning, is bound to yield much better results. Apart from Craigslist, you can also post on Twitter, FaceBook, Your Blog or any other online platform that you have access to.

If you haven’t been keeping a keen eye as to when these sites are getting the most traffic, then it is advisable to start doing so as soon as is possible because knowing when your audience is reading your ads is integral for success in the online environment. However, before focusing on what times your audience is reading, you should be aware of and have a clear picture of your audience profiles.

Once you have understood your targeted audience, then you should embark on finding out where they go on the internet and at what times they visit these websites. If your audience is using FaceBook or Twitter like many others, share your content on those sites.

3. Exceed Expectations: Trust and Values

It is also advisable to strive to always exceed your audience’s expectations, and this is a truth that applies in virtually all facets of life whether one is in school, working for another person, trying to get a romantic relationship going on, as it is a fact, that when you try to exceed expectations, your hard work often pays off big time.


Good Craiglist admens, are known to exceed expectations by providing a wealth of valuable information in their postings and these include but are not limited to: quality and valuable pictures, a legitimate contact phone number, and they also let you know a little bit of relevant information about themselves. Also, if the online listing seems a little bit under-priced or odd-looking, they provide the reasons as to why this is so, and this not only decreases any suspicions, but also improves trustworthy, integrity and allows potential clients to make much-more informed and intelligent buying decisions.

The second part of trying to exceed the customer’s expectations, is to add value, and in light of this fact, Bill Wyman in the Wall Street Journal, made an astute observation about Craig Newman, founder of Craigslist. He writes, “He (Craig Newman), did one simple thing: He thought about what his users wanted and put very little on his site that wasn’t useful to them.”

One look on Craigslist, will unravel the stark barrenness of the website which might immediately strike one as ugly, but we’ve got to credit it to Newmark as he has made his content extremely easy for one to access. If my great aunt visited the Craigslist website today, there’s no doubt that she would be able to figure out what’s going on far much more quickly than if she opened my FaceBook News Feed. It is important to make sure that you are always adding value along the way with all your content bells and whistles because there’s no better way to exceed expectations than by adding value.

4. Be Personable

You also want your content marketing efforts to come across to your audience as credible or genuine, and knowing the faces behind your audience profiles is very important because it enables you to make smart judgment calls as to how you can communicate your content with potential clients. One of my clients runs a legal blog for clients with financial challenges, and it is not the time to be funny, but it is highly advisable and appropriate to be empathetic. As a rule of thumb, you should always remember that being personable only works when you know who you are writing for and what they are looking for.

Successful Craigslisters are often aware of who is searching for their litter of kittens or guitar amps or any other good or service that they are promoting. It is advisable to know who is looking for information on your blog and write for them with the kind of content that they are searching for. There’s no doubt at all that it is your blog, but if you are interested in making it successful, you’ve got to write or create engaging content for your audience’s profiles.

5. Play by the Rules

It is important to note that playing by the rules here, is highly essential for success in the online money making environment, and failure to do so can result in being banned completely from search engines. One of the bad habits that online marketers easily adopt, is article spinning, and article spinning is really rewording the same article and positing it elsewhere as a unique content just to build up a web reputation. Experienced online marketers will agree that this approach just doesn’t work and one should simply just stay away from it.

In the world of Craigslist and essentially any other place on the internet, this approach is commonly known as spamming, and it is a very frowned-upon practice by the major search engines on the web. As someone who’s looking for an apartment right now (ed: Sorry if this phrase attracts spam), going through Craigslist can be such a frustrating experience indeed. It is quite obvious when realtors rephrase the same apartment listing and repost it five times or more in a single day.

It is important to note that internet users especially those who use the internet a lot, can see through spam, and therefore anyone who is actively spinning articles or taking advantage of the content marketing industry in a similar way, will be quickly noticed. Once one has been found out to be engaged in this annoying act, their reputation becomes tainted, their audience begin moving to other sites, and very quickly they are bound to realize that they are no longer forging great relationships or adding any value for their potential clients.

Thus, will these above content marketing, its is gaining much traffic. And Here you can learn the similarities and differences of Backpage Vs Craigslist.

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